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Constantly Updated Data

The internet is rich with tremendous volumes of publicly available industry data. The problem, however, is that the internet is chaotic, data is scattered everywhere and it is always changing.
We utilize proprietary technology to continually search the internet for industry data and we have developed methods to systematically retrieve relevant public data.
In addition to open internet data, we subscribe to public and private databases to further enrich our data in an automated fashion. The robust content of these databases are generally unavailable to search engines and will not appear in Google, etc. results. This data, not found by search engines, is often referred to as data on the "Deep Web" and offers many magnitudes more data than is available on the open or "surface web".
As part of our standard services, our members may submit basic industry contact information (i.e name, email) and we will utilize our technology as well as our human research group to build out a complete profile that is viewable online.
While computers are excellent for most data gathering tasks, we also rely heavily on our research group to validate our contacts and to "connect the dots" (as well as further source new information). We feel that by combining technology and human analysis we are able to offer our members more than just volumes of data in a database. We are able to generate truly actionable industry intelligence.

Some of Our Data Sources