Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits First Target: Can Bulls Hit $8.8K or $9K?
5mos ago

Bitcoin price is n a positive zone and recently climbed above the $8,500 level against the US Dollar. The price is gaining momentum and it seems like it could even trade towards the $8,800 level. There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near $8,500 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair - The post appeared first on newsbtc

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The Human Rights Foundation has published its analysis of major stablecoins’ privacy tooling and censorship resilience, stating that stablecoin privacy is “extremely lackluster”

It seems that all the odds are stacked against Bitcoin (BTC) once again. Over the past few days, the leading cryptocurrency has lost the key $8,000 support level for the umpteenth time in a matter of a few weeks, tumbling from that level to $7,400 over the past 48 hours. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Jumped - The post appeared first on newsbtc

China seeks to reinforce the crypto trading ban

Two men have stolen $4,000 from a Bitcoin ATM in a small-town grocery store, but left $50,000 behind in an overlooked canister

Bitcoin should logically return to $1K, says gold bug Peter Schiff

International institutional clients are eligible for Coinbase Custody’s staking services as of this week

A new cash-settled version of Bakkt’s monthly Bitcoin futures contract will launch on Dec. 9, ICE has publicly confirmed

Bitcoin price is down 6% and tested $7,400 (discussed in the medium term outlook) against the US Dollar. The price is showing no signs of a strong recovery and remains at a risk below $7,800. There is a key contracting triangle forming with resistance near $7,650 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data - The post appeared first on newsbtc

It has been a grim end to the week for Ethereum. The world’s number two crypto asset has held up resiliently for most of this month while Bitcoin has been eroded. That resilience ended a few hours ago when ETH prices collapsed by 9 percent. Ethereum Crashes 9% Ethereum has spent the best part of - The post appeared first on newsbtc

From Facebook and iTunes to cryptocurrencies — what happens to your digital assets when you die?  Financial Times

Ripple price is down 5% and it broke the key $0.2420 support area against the US dollar. The price tagged the $0.2350 support area and it is currently correcting higher. There is a new bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.2450 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The - The post appeared first on newsbtc

GiveBitcoin, a safe and easy way to give Bitcoin, officially launched today at The service allows customers to give Bitcoins to friends and family, timelocks those gifts for a period of time, and teaches recipients about the world of Bitcoin. The goal is to turn recipients into “real Bitcoiners” by the time their gift […] - :

Ethereum is down more than 8% and it tested the final $155 bearish target against the US Dollar. Bitcoin price is also down around 6% and it traded close to the $7,400 bearish target (as discussed yesterday). There is a short term contracting triangle forming with resistance near $165 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD - The post appeared first on newsbtc

R3 CEO David Rutter has ridiculed the way Facebook introduced its yet-to-be-released Libra stablecoin

Cypherpunk Holdings has completed an equity investment worth $337,500 in zkSnacks, the firm behind the privacy-focused crypto wallet Wasabi

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis sacks 39 of its employees with an eye to profit margins

MyEtherWallet (MEW), a user interface client for interacting with the Ethereum network, has announced a new partnership with Rivet to provide for its blockchain infrastructure needs. Rivet was created by the same folks who designed OpenRelay, the first open source relayer built for 0x. Rivet provides a privacy-first node service that delivers fast, accurate, and […] - :

Back in June, CEO of security token platformMason Borda, spoke at Fidelity’s Center for Applied Technology’s (FCAT) Bits & Blocks Club, a learning group focused on digital assets and blockchain. During his presentation, Mason explained the value of TokenSoft and announced an exciting new use case in collaboration with FCAT. Below is a summary of […] - :

Kraken announced that it is introducing a mobile version of its Kraken Future trading app

Bitcoin (BTC) has plummeted into the $7,000 region today as bears continue working to erase all the gains that were incurred during the crypto’s meteoric rally in late-October, which may signal that significantly further downside is imminent for the embattled cryptocurrency. Analysts are now noting that Bitcoin is “on life support” as it trades around - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Crypto exchange Bithumb denies recent reports that Chinese authorities have raided its Shanghai offices

PegaSys, a builder of enterprise-grade Ethereum products, announced it has officially joined the core product suite of Ethereum venture and blockchain company ConsenSys as it has been fully acquired to help anchor the offering. Back in the summer of 2017, ConsenSys chose to incubate and invest in PegaSys. Since then, with the support, investment, and […] - :

The EU is solarizing its digitized economy without an environmental tax policy — an expert’s take

Despite the fact that many crypto naysayers say that digital currencies are useless for payments, the number of retailers accepting payment via cryptocurrency is growing. Hot spots are emerging all over the globe. The areas in which cryptocurrency usage appears to be growing fastest and most concentrated remain the US and Europe. However, data shows - The post appeared first on newsbtc

CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO providing decentralized identity credential capabilities to credit unions, announced today a strategic partnership with FiscalHive, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform provider. The partnership aims to streamline the loan participation process across the credit union industry by leveraging distributed ledger technology. The two parties are currently developing a proof of concept […] - :

Large crypto exchanges have clamped down on reporting of fake trading volumes in 2019, while few are still likely misreporting, Chainalysis says

SESAMm, a French company specializing in big data and AI for asset management, and Kaiko, a cryptocurrency market data provider, today announced a new partnershipto empower financial professionals to create more informed trading strategies. This partnership will allow SESAMm’s clients to access granular digital asset market data and combine it with alternative data extracted from […] - :

After a brief period of consolidation, Bitcoin has once again made another downwards movement that has led it below its previous support level at $8,000. This latest bout of downwards momentum has opened the gates for significantly further losses, assuming bulls don’t step up and propel BTC higher. One prominent analyst is now noting that - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Following the crackdown on Forex by the Argentine government, the volume of P2P crypto trading has risen to an all-time high in the country

The Cardano Foundation, an independent body with core responsibilities to help oversee and supervise the development of Cardano blockchain, announced today it has expanded its reach to 54 countries on the African continent to build blockchain governance to future-proof the region’s sustainable growth and development The Switzerland-based Foundation has joined forces with the African Leadership […] - :

Mark S. Scott was found guilty of helping OneCoin co-founder Ruja Ignatova launder $400 million

For someone lacking interest in Bitcoin, Peter Schiff has a funny way of showing it. As the price leading digital assets is dropping today, the gold bug has once again commented that such moves are evidence of a “pump and dump” narrative in the market. Schiff seems to think that there is only room for - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Binance has reportedly closed its Shanghai office, where over 100 staff, including senior management, were employed, following a raid by Chinese law enforcement, according to sources cited by The Block. Binance Denies Office Raid - Binance has moved to deny reports of the raid after CEO and Founder Changpeng Zhao tweeted just yesterday that offices are an outdated and antiquated concept. However, Chinese authorities recently issued a notice to the public directing individuals to report businesses engaged in virtual asset trading to the country’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, which is also headquartered in Shanghai. ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

The year commenced with a massive rally in Bitcoin (BTC) that ultimately led to a sustained bull run, and the price of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency eventually reached levels that raised visions of 2017’s climb. However, that eventually came to an end, and the last few months have been pretty tough for the crypto industry at large. Why the Sudden Reversal? - In a new development that would come as a bit of a shock for many in the crypto space, BTC has collapsed to below $8,000 levels today. This is the lowest level for the cryptocurrency ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

The IRS is eyeing the Bitcoin ATM industry for potential tax issues. Large industry players are already compliant enough, experts say, while smaller operators might experience additional difficulties

Vertalo, a provider of software for digital assets, connecting broker-dealers, issuers, custodians and exchanges through its B2B SaaS platform, today announced a new partnership with Sarson Funds, a provider of cryptocurrency educational services and investment vehicles designed for the financial advisor community and their clients. Under the new partnership, Vertalo will provide cap table management […] - :

Ever since Bitcoin’s bottom at $3,100, the crypto market has been convinced that the first-ever crypto asset was building a foundation for its next bull run. But a powerful parabolic rally this year was unable to set a new all-time high, putting a new bull run in jeopardy. Could the impact of a massive Ponzi - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Bitcoin loses key 0.786 Fibonacci level as false rumors circulate that Chinese authorities have raided Binance’s office in Shanghai

StyloPay, specialists in payment solutions and mobile applications, announced today it has selected Tribe Payments’ digital wallet technology for integration on its platform. Tribe’s digital wallet technology will form part of StyloPay’s cloud-based payments-as-a-service offering that enables banks and card issuers to scale card programs and mobile wallets globally. With StyloPay, financial institutions, issuers and […] - :

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has denied reports of a police raid on its Shanghai offices, as it purportedly has no such offices

Curv, a platform to secure and sign transactions on blockchain technology, announced today that Franklin Templeton, a leading global asset manager, has selected Curv’s institutional wallet service to protect digital assets for the firm’s new money market fund, whose shares will be recorded on the Stellar Network. With Curv’s patented multi-party computation (MPC) protocols, Franklin […] - :

Cypherpunk, a company investing in technologies and protocols that enhance privacy, announced today that it has completed an equity investment in zkSnacks, whose products include the bitcoin (BTC) based Wasabi Wallet. Wasabi Wallet is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused bitcoin wallet for desktop use, that implements trustless coin shuffling with mathematically provable anonymity. The Deal Under […] - :

A legendary short seller who shorted the 2017 Bitcoin bubble top just before the bubble began to deflate, has some sound advice for crypto investors looking for an opportunity to buy: Wait for a base to form, much like what happened in early 2019 when Bitcoin bottomed. Mark Dow, Legendary Bitcoin Shorter, Dissuades FOMO-Buying BTC - The post appeared first on newsbtc

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