Bitcoin’s 3-Day Price Charts Point to an Impending ‘Golden Cross’
4mos ago

Bitcoin's three-day chart suggests that a "golden cross" is set to occur for the first time since early 2016.

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China appears set to crack down on crypto trading again after President Xi Jinping's praise for blockchain tech revived speculation in the sector.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, blockchain expert and CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, is more than optimistic about the future of blockchain and digital currency, saying the industry will only get bigger over the next few years. In an interview with Bloomberg published this week, he takes on the future of blockchain-based technologies, discusses the recent - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Binance’s Weibo account has been blocked, allegedly due to its WeChat and Alipay fiat gateways

As the crypto markets enter a period of relative stability, some of the biggest crypto companies are vying for a public listing

Bitcoin Cash hard fork occurs as planned, but underlying issues are not addressed

Following the crypto asset’s historic 40% rally at the end of October, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap is once again bearish, and Bitcoin price has now broken below $8,500. Are bears back in charge completely, and if so, how far can Bitcoin price drop from here? Bitcoin Price Falls Below $8,500, Can Bulls Defend - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Bitcoin price is currently correcting higher above the $8,600 resistance area against the US Dollar. The price is still facing a strong resistance near the $8,700 and $8,780 levels. Morning’s major declining channel is preventing gains near $8,705 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The price could correct further, - The post appeared first on newsbtc

VeChain continues its meteoric rise following Chinese government endorsement of a VeChain-based tea traceability platform

One year ago yesterday (November 14th, 2018), the price of Bitcoin (BTC) began to tank. During that day, the cryptocurrency fell from $6,200 — where it had held for a majority of the summer months — to $5,500, a 12% drop that was the worst daily performance for the asset in over two months. It - The post appeared first on newsbtc

OKEx, the leading global cryptocurrency platform through its OKEx Jumpstart initiative is in the process of extending its support to ROAD – a “Distributed Internet of Vehicles” economic system through its 9th token sale, set to go live on November 14, 2019. During the token sale event, the ROAD platform’s namesake ROAD tokens will be - The post appeared first on newsbtc

A division at a state-owned enterprise of rail transport in Ukraine illegally mined Bitcoin, using the country’s power grid

Supply Chain Digital - The Procurement & Supply Chain Platform

Verge (XVG) has seen a 33% price pump and a 168% increase in trade volumes following Paypal’s move to withdraw services to Pornhub

Volatility returns to hourly Bitcoin trading after $9K rejection

The BRICS association of major emerging economies has discussed developing a digital currency to facilitate trade between member nations.

Tether dwarfs other stablecoins but use will stay limited, says Samson Mow

Permabull Tom Lee believes Bitcoin will grow in value following a similar logic to the Silicon Valley tech titans

Bitcoin price is currently declining below the $8,600 support area against the US Dollar. A new monthly low was formed near $8,457 and the price is currently correcting higher. There is a key declining channel forming with resistance near $8,710 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). There is a - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Ripple price is following a downtrend below the $0.2700 support area against the US dollar. The price is currently trading near the $0.2620 support and it could continue to decline. This week’s crucial bearish trend line is active with resistance near $0.2700 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). Similarly, - The post appeared first on newsbtc

SingularityNET, a provider of decentralized AI technology, announced today the successful integration of PayPal payments into their blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) marketplace. The PayPal integration was first announced during the initial SingularityNET V2 beta rollout in September. By making its AI marketplace easily accessible to PayPal’s 286 million users, SingularityNET opens its doors to […] - :

Everyone’s favorite decentralized AI marketplace has gained access to the fiat world

Three ICO startups missed the deadlines of their settlement with the SEC

Ethereum price is struggling to climb higher above the $188 resistance against the US Dollar. The price is currently trading near the $182 support area, which holds the key. There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $185 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). Bitcoin is declining and - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Crypto regulation is one of the hottest topics at the BlockShow Asia 2019

The final nail was just put in the coffin of bulls. An indicator that tracks the health of the Bitcoin (BTC) mining ecosystem has just flashed bearish for the first time in a year, signaling impending capitulation. Related Reading: Bitcoin Open Interest May Act as Rocket Fuel for Explosive Bull Movement Bitcoin Miners Ready to - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The central bank of China will pilot a restriction on large-scale cash transactions, possibly paving the way for its upcoming digital Renminbi

Tezos jumps a massive 11% on the day, while Bitcoin slips below the $8,600 price mark

Crypto wallet and banking service application Cashaa, has announced the launch of US dollar bank accounts for crypto businesses in partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Starting from November 25th, those interested can apply for US dollar accounts with full banking features through Cashaa from anywhere in the world, except for sanctioned countries. Cashaa’s existing banking […] - :

Capfolio, developers of bitcoin and crypto trading software, has this week unveiled its new platform which provides a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Features include manual and automated trading functions, backtesting tools, portfolio tracking, multiple exchange support, social trading, news and research, custom strategy suite, and more is on the way. In regards […] - :

Ethereum has been stuck below its near-term resistance level at $190 for the past several weeks, and both ETH’s bulls and bears have been deadlocked as they hold the cryptocurrency steady within the mid-$180 region. This bout of sideways trading may soon be coming to an end, however, as analysts are now noting that ETH’s - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Kik, the former messaging app now shifting its focus to cryptocurrency, has been involved in a court case with the SEC, which alleges that a 2017 ICO breached the commission’s regulations due to the fact that its coin, Kin, is actually a security. Kik Legal Team Struggle for Plausible Explanation - The legal team for Kik has argued in the court of the Southern District of New York that the case against it is null and voidbased on the premise thatthe legal definition of an “investment contract” is unclear. However, the presiding judge has dismissed ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

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