China Central Bank Official: Digital Yuan Should Have ‘Controllable Anonymity’
3w ago

China's proposed digital yuan should strike a balance between protecting privacy and regulatory enforcement, a central bank official said.

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Bitcoin price predictions are all over the map, with some expecting the price to reach zero, while others expect beyond a million dollars per BTC. One cryptocurrency analyst has charted the asset using a logarithmic growth curve, that could provide accurate clues as to when Bitcoin price could reach prices of $100,000 or higher. Bitcoin - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Binance rolls out BTC and ETH futures trading on iOS as its futures platform hits an ATH of $2.7 billion

The year started off impressively for many cryptocurrencies but none of that seemed to affect the price of XRP, and Ripple, the company which owns the biggest number of XRP, has been blamed by many in the crypto community for this state of affairs. In a new development, the Chief Technology Officer at the fintech company, David Schwartz, stated that it is trying to bring about more financial equality in the United States and in the rest of the world. One of the biggest selling points for XRP is the fact that it has a use case and ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

Blockchain project EOS started this week on a negative note after an independent agency downgraded its rating from B to C-. Weiss Crypto Ratings published a report on December 6 wherein it demoted EOS to lower ranks over its centralization. The agency noted that just 0.01 percent of the EOS token holders control over 68 - The post appeared first on newsbtc

A handful of altcoins could offer lucrative buying opportunities if Bitcoin continues to lead the market higher

Finding limited traction, Huobi’s U.S. wing is ceasing operations

Two members of Romanian hacker gang Bayrob Group were sentenced to two decades in prison after their malware mined crypto on 400,000 infected computers.

KABN, an integrated ID, and blockchain financial service platform, announced today the launch offering of the KABN equity token using the Polymath Token Studio. The equity token is available through a public equity crowdfunding sale via UK-based Tokenise, which is fully compliant with the UK FCA regulatory framework. Unlike a network or utility token, each […] - :

XinFin, a blockchain architecture that combines the best features of Bitcoin, Quorum and Ethereum, has announced upgrades for XinFin Remix, a web browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows users to write Solidity smart contracts and compile, deploy and run those smart contracts on the XinFin Blockchain Network. In the upgraded version, everything in Remix […] - :

With today's markets mostly down, we're talking bitcoin's first golden cross in more than three years, CBDCs and a behind-the-scenes look at Telegram's ICO, courtesy of the SEC.

Nayuta, a layer-2 blockchain technology development company and active contributor to the Lightning Network, announced today it has introduced the first lightning wallet to implement “Bitcoin full node and SPV mode” hybrid on Android and released its code on Github. By open-sourcing, users or developers will be able to confirm how this wallet actually works […] - :

Actant, a provider trading software for financial firms connecting to the world’s major derivatives and stock exchanges, announced today the successful connection and deployment of Bitcoin futures and options trading and market-making on Bakkt. The full range of Actant tools for risk, trading, automation and quoting are now available for trading Bakkt Bitcoin Monthly Options, […] - :

The U.S. SEC is seeking to reopen a case against a Bitcoin fraudster in order to extract monetary penalties

Faast, a cryptocurrency swap application, has announced full support for Stellar Lumens (XLM), the native asset for the Stellar network. XLM is compatible with Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets, which are both supported by Faast. To exchange XLM, users just need to connect a hardware wallet. After following prompts on the screen and the hardware […] - :

Bitcoin opened on a faint note this Monday as the market showed a lack of sense of direction owing to low volatility. The world’s leading cryptocurrency was trading at around $7,575.27 as of 1429 UTC after rising by 0.8 percent since the market open. The move upside brought the asset’s net month-to-date gains up by - The post appeared first on newsbtc

HBUS says customers should withdraw all funds by Jan. 31, 2020.

ICE’s digital asset arm Bakkt launches the first regulated Bitcoin options and cash-settled futures

Crowdfund Insider –A cryptocurrency mining company that received grants and unsecured loans from several Canadian government agencies has filed for bankruptcy, CBC reports.

CryptoNews –Major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced the upcoming launch of its Options Trading. This move comes ahead of CME’s Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts, the testing of which started today.

Crowdfund Insider –Prominent venture capitalist and blockchain proponent Tim Draper has backed LA-based blockchain-focused venture firm. Goren Holm Ventures has received an investment from Draper and expanded his partnership with the firm, now rebranded to Draper Goren Holm.

QuikNode, a cloud-hosted Ethereum node platform for dApps, developers, and power-users, today announced the launch of the platform’s newest tool: QuikNode API. After weeks of development, the QuikNode team produced QuikNode Boost, an intelligent layer that accelerates calls by up to 300%. Next, the QuikNode API was created with a 100% free tier so developers […] - :

An ethereum developer has flagged an attack on MakerDAO that could turn $20 million of MKR into $300 million of ETH.

In preparation for its version 2.0 launch, crypto exchange company IDEX has announced a new trading competition. Anyone can register for free, and participants begin with $100K in testnet funds. The competition allows users to trade top crypto markets, and at the end of the competition, the largest USD denominated portfolio wins. The competition will […] - :

THEKEY, a decentralized ecosystem of Identity Verification (IDV) tools integrating national big-data and the blockchain, announced it has won a government bidding for a blockchain application in Jiangsu Province, China. THEKEY will introduce technologies such as QR codes, cloud computing, cryptography, IC card, artificial intelligence, integration of big data, blockchain technology, data visualization, natural language […] - :

Bitpanda, a leading cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced that the Bitpanda Global Exchange is now a fully integrated, certified exchange on HaasOnline, a solution for advanced, automated cryptocurrency trading. Trading Bots With HaasOnline HaasOnline seamlessly integrated the Bitpanda Global Exchange API, which means that users are now able to deploy customized crypto trading bots with […] - :

Bakkt’s new options and cash-settled bitcoin futures products have just gone live, joining its three-month-old physical futures contracts.

Ampleforth, a digital asset protocol for smart commodity-money, announced recently that it has completed integration with Chainlink oracles to aggregate secure and timely off-chain pricing data for its protocol. Through the Chainlink integration, Ampleforth’s Market Oracle (volume-weighted price) and CPI Oracle (current price target) will now be powered by nine different incoming price feeds from […] - :

Constant, a peer-to-peer lending platform for cryptocurrency, and popular Ethereum wallet HB wallet, have announced a new strategic partnership integrating Constant’s services into HB Wallet. The new partnership will allow HB Wallet users to lend and borrow on Constant’s secure and speedy P2P lending platform completely within the HB Wallet interface. HB Wallet is one […] - :

“Boring” Bitcoin price performance could nonetheless form the basis for a march to $8K, says Cointelegraph analyst

Goren Holm Ventures, the Los Angeles blockchain accelerator and incubator known for producing leading blockchain investment conference, Crypto Invest Summit, announced today that renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested in Goren Holm Ventures and has expanded his partnership with the firm, now rebranded to DraperGoren Holm. “I am excited about doubling-down onLos Angelesand blockchain […] - :

BaseFEX, a crypto derivatives exchange, has announced the successful implementation of lower contract sizes on its BTCUSDT perpetual swap product. The size of the BTCUSDT contract was lowered from 0.01 BTC to 0.001 BTC. The development work was successfully completed as of 10:00AM UTC today, Monday, December 9th, 2019. On the BaseFEX platform, users can […] - :

Cybersecurity research and consulting firm Trail of Bits recently announced the launch of Mainnet360, a service to provide a comprehensive assessment of both the security and economic elements of blockchain software. Trail of Bits developed Mainnet360 over several months this year in partnership with Prysm Group, an economic consulting firm specializing in supporting teams that […] - :

Blackmoon, a cryptocurrency platform that provides its users with the opportunity to trade over 20 assets, has announced the launch of its public trading API, which allows users to set up automatic trading on the exchange. Users can generate the API keys and check the documentation which can be found when logged in. VIP program […] - :

ProximaX, a next-generation integrated Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure development platform powered by blockchain technology, announced their latest systems integrator partnership with BTM Blockchain (Technology) Sdn Bhd (BTM), a Malaysian blockchain company dedicated to serving the market by building solutions which leverage on blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence technologies. With the ProximaX Sirius […] - :

Is the bottom in? Since Bitcoin (BTC) fell precipitously to $6,600 late last month, analysts have been asking if the leading cryptocurrency has finally found a price bottom after a multi-month downturn. According to a number of fractal analyses, which is comparing an asset’s historical price action to its current price action, the bottom just - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Bitcoin’s weekly chart is flashing a golden cross for the first time since May 2016.

Request, a network that allows anyone to simply create, share or fulfill a request for payment, announced today two new features improving upon its invoice application. First updated is the ability to create a proper invoice inline with accounting norms and second is a new send a payment function. Sending decentralized invoices in cryptocurrency is […] - :

SIAE, the Italian company for collective copyright management, announced they will be partnering with Algorand for the development of a new open ecosystem for copyright management based on Algorand’s recently launched, high-performance blockchain platform. Algorand uses a pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) protocol that guarantees decentralization, scalability, and security, making it particularly suitable for reliable management of […] - :

Blockchain technology company Jelurida, has announced that Coalculus, a blockchain platform for financial services and licensed partners of Jelurida has now launched its mainnet. The core developers of Coalculus are those of fellow Jelurida produced blockchains Nxt and Ardor. Based on a public-permissioned version of Jelurida’s Ardor technology, Coalculus has launched as a compliant and […] - :

The People's Bank of China is said to be preparing to launch pilots for its digital currency in Shenzhen and Suzhou from the end of the year.

Several Chinese banks and economic participants will reportedly pilot the digital yuan in two cities

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