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The Block Crypto - Jae Kwon was a programmer contributing to open-source projects when in 2013 he decided he wanted to explore blockchain and proof-of-stake systems.

Industry Headlines:

- AnChain, an AI-powered blockchain security company, announced today an official partnership with Huobi Global, a leading digital asset exchange and service company. Compliance, regulation, and crypto-economic transparency have never been more crucial, and remain a top priority for Huobi as it continues to expand and serve clients around the globe. “We believe in taking a […] - -

- Today, blockchain monitoring platform PARSIQ announced a new partnership with BC Vault, a crypto hardware wallet with advanced security. By commencing this partnership, and in using PARSIQ’s features, BC Vault will become the first crypto hardware wallet with active blockchain monitoring abilities, providing additional security to users and ensuring transparency of transactions. PARSIQ’s blockchain monitoring […] - -

- Coygo, a professional multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading terminal and portfolio tracking software, today announced a new tool called ‘Trade Analysis’ has been integrated within the Coygo platform. This new feature enables users to view trades as they occur in real-time and analyze recent trade activity on any exchange or market that Coygo supports (Coinbase Pro, Kraken, […] - -

- Klaytn, the blockchain project led by the South Korean Internet giant Kakao, today announced that 8 new blockchain projects have joined Klaytn as service partners. Dedicated to building readily usable blockchain-powered services, Klaytn is partnering with promising blockchain projects in various industry domains with massive global user base. More than a dozen of its partners […] - -

Investors who put all their capital at once into bitcoin win more than those who invest strategically over some time, according to a study conducted by Shitcoin Ninja. The crypto researcher noted that Lump Sum – an act of investing everything available at once into bitcoin – works better than the Dollar Cost Strategy (DCA), - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Legal expert says the Durovs may have to pay investors back with their own money

FATF joins other authorities voicing concerns about Facebook’s Libra

Perceived safe-haven assets Bitcoin and Gold were trending downwards on Friday as investors processed the emotional aftermath of China’s weak economic data. The BTC/USD instrument slipped by 1.96 percent, or $158.23, on San Francisco-based Coinbase exchange to trade at $7,917.97. The downside pressure mounted shortly after the Shanghai market open, leading to a circa $308 - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Second-generation Bitcoin Lightning wallet brings user-friendly functionality, says ACINQ

Fidelity rolls out cryptocurrency custody business  Financial Times

Trojanized Tor Browser steals Bitcoin from darknet shoppers, ESET warns

Hackers have been distributing a compromised version of theofficial Tor Browser that's packed with malware designed to steal bitcoin.

While mere days ago analysts were calling for Bitcoin (BTC) to correct higher to $9,000 and potentially even higher, this bullish scenario has not panned out. On the contrary, in fact. Since the weekend, the leading cryptocurrency has returned to $8,000 and has even started to flirt with the $7,000s once again. Related Reading: Bitcoin - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Raiffeisen amongst 28 organizations in the first global-scale trial on R3 Corda network

An impending death cross, a bearish but lagging indicator, suggests bitcoin could be nearing a major bottom.

Bitcoin will outlast most fiat if it survives till 2036

The SEC insists that Grams are securities, arguing that a preliminary injunction against Telegram is needed to prevent further violation

A new report says bitcoin has failed as a means of payment or store of value, but stablecoins like Libra are a risk to financial stability.

Bitcoin privacy must improve to prevent government blacklists of addresses, says Poolin CEO

Bitcoin futures on Binance now have a maximum of 125x margin and leverage

Ex-CEO of Google Africa and WeWork South Africa GM Stafford Masie has argued that Bitcoin will revolutionize global trade

Bitcoin sheds Thursday’s gains to lose $8K support

Professor Matthias Lehmann has proposed an approach for applying private international law to Bitcoin and other blockchains

Social media giant Facebook has certainly rattled the regulatory feathers of global regulators with its grand plans for cryptocurrency world domination. Politicians and citizens alike are right to question Libra and those that will be pulling the strings behind it. The G7 group of economic powerhouses agrees that such stablecoins should not be allowed to - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Bitcoin price corrected higher, but it faced hurdles near $8,120 and $8,140 against the US Dollar. The price is declining again and it could gain momentum below the $8,000 support. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $8,240 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Binance DEX is preparing to list a BCH-pegged token

Cambodia’s Central Bank wants to slash the cost of cross-border payments and is studying how its Bakong digital wallet might help.

The state of the world economy just over a decade ago was not a pretty picture. A solution was needed and one was offered in the form of a decentralized peer-to-peer digital monetary system. Bitcoin was born and a decade on it appears to be déjà vu for the global economy. This Crash Worse Than - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Ripple price started a fresh increase and it surged above $0.3000 against the US dollar. The price is currently correcting higher after trading to a new monthly high near $0.3040. Earlier, there was a break above a declining channel with resistance near $0.2860 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Ethereum price is currently correcting higher, but it is facing a strong resistance near $180 against the US Dollar. Bitcoin price is up more than 1.5%, but it is also facing resistance $8,120 and $8,200. This week’s followed major bearish trend line was breached with resistance near $174 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Stablecoins could present a significant risk to global financial stability but hold promise for payment systems, says G7 report

According to one recent survey, nearly 75 percent of German consumers completely reject the idea of Facebook’s Libra as currency

Very little has changed in crypto markets over the last 24hrs with bitcoin (BTC) continuing to consolidate around USD 8,000. If there's anything to point out, monero (XMR) is up over 10% ahead of protocol upgrades tentatively scheduled for October 24.

Hackers use malicious code in WAV audio files to mine cryptocurrencies

After incurring an influx of selling pressure yesterday, Bitcoin has been able to climb slightly today, which has allowed XRP to surge nearly 5%, leading it to quickly approach the $0.30 region that was previously a strong level of support for the cryptocurrency. Analysts are now noting that XRP may soon surge significantly, which could - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Roskomnadzor extends internet blacklist to Cointelegraph, with Russian readers reporting access blocked

Bitcoin hovers above $8,000, while XRP jumps more than 5% on the day

Bucking a trend, Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) wrote a letter praising Libra as a technological advance that he feels is needed.

A U.S. Senator expresses support for Libra in a letter to Libra Associate member Anchorage Trust

Bank of Canada, the Canadian central bank, is exploring the possibility of launching a digital currency that would replace cash and track how people spend their money. - The aim of the proposed currency would be to mitigate the “direct threat” posed by cryptocurrencies to the economic sovereignty of governments and central banks, an issue that has featured prominently in the headlines recently amidst intense regulatory pushback on Facebook’s proposed coin, Libra. The proposal was pitched to Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada, and its board of directors in a presentation entitled“Central Bank Money: ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

After plummeting below $8,000 overnight, Bitcoin’s bulls were able to propel the crypto slightly higher, showing signs that bulls are not ready to let the cryptocurrency drop lower in the near-term, which could mean that bulls will garner greater strength in the near-term that could help propel BTC higher. Analysts are noting that Bitcoin likely - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Cameron Winklevoss has noted that the volume of negative interest bonds adds up to $17 trillion and urges the public to buy Bitcoin

Developer of the Burj Khalifa Emaar plans to launch its tradeable reward token EMR in 2019, a new report says

Over the last couple of years, numerous countries worldwide have issued statements concerning their plans for developing central bank-backed digital currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs are basically the direct response of governments to cryptocurrencies as we know them. After all, if the digital currency market is here to stay, countries want to preserve their national fiat currencies

- Leveller Media today announced the launch of its digital investing platform for the entertainment industry, which facilitates storytelling from an increasingly diverse group of creators through everyday investors around the globe. Leveller matches creators with suitable investors, enabling smaller projects to receive the funding they need. On the platform, there is no set no minimum […] - -

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