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Leveraging technology provided by Stellar can offer advantages, albeit they may not be apparent right away for most users and traders. -

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New companies kept popping up even as Covid-19 shut down huge swaths of the country. Forkast.News examines the data and the truth behind the numbers. - SHARE ARTICLE

Stay on top of the latest Ripple XRP news in spring 2020 and find out what the future holds for one of the most active cryptocurrencies available in the market today - SHARE ARTICLE

The FBI arrest a Russian rapper living in the U.S. for money laundering using, among evidence, Instagram pictures including huge wads of cash, both dollars and rubles. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin had another down day. How long the cryptocurrency follows stocks, and whether next month’s halving juices its price, remain open questions. - SHARE ARTICLE

Toronto-listed firm Hive Blockchain is set to double its bitcoin mining capacity with the acquisition of a 30-megawatt operation in Quebec for $2.8 million. - SHARE ARTICLE

April Fools' Day was not lost on the cryptocurrency community this year, as market participants seemed to welcome some levity in the midst of the turbulence. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin's decline today has come about against a backdrop of bearishness in the equities market, with all the benchmark indices seeing some notable losses. - SHARE ARTICLE

A Crypto Venture Fund Bought the Most Tokens at MakerDAO's Debt - SHARE ARTICLE

The U.S. patent office has granted Blockstack intellectual property rights around its single sign-on service for dapps. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin is looking bearish on Wednesday as the price moved 3% lower after rejecting higher levels. The market bounced off the blue trendline and pushe - SHARE ARTICLE

/PRNewswire/ -- The first global marketplace in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges was officially launched by Coinsbit. Now all users registered on the... - SHARE ARTICLE

BMW announces PartChain supply blockchain for tracking automotive partsSiliconANGLE - SHARE ARTICLE

Litecoin is known for often being among the first altcoins to begin to see growth or decline after a period of sideways trading. Following the recent crash that shocked the crypto market, Litecoin has started to move once again and may be leading the mark - SHARE ARTICLE

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and largest source of Bitcoin trading volume on the continent, has welcomed its first Bitcoin ATM. - SHARE ARTICLE

The American-led global order has been unraveling for 30 years, and coronavirus may be the blow that changes it once and for all. - SHARE ARTICLE

While the bears have defended the 20-day EMA aggressively, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies might witness a minor correction in the next few days - SHARE ARTICLE

BTC/USD is currently trading at $6221 (-3.65%), the price remains vulnerable underneath the barrier seen at $6500. ETH/USD is currently trading at $13 - SHARE ARTICLE

Kin is a new breed of creative company using kinship to unleash business and culture as forces for good in our world. - SHARE ARTICLE

From 2018’s crypto ban to 2019’s crypto purge, YouTube continues to delete videos from crypto-related channels. Will this drive a push to decentralization? - SHARE ARTICLE

Crypto exchange OKEx announced the 11th token sale project on its initial exchange offering (IEO) platform called OKEx Jumpsart. - SHARE ARTICLE

Customers spent fewer bitcoins at darknet markets over the last two months despite the slide in the cryptocurrency's price, according to data from blockchain surveillance firm Chainalysis. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin price had one of its most volatile months yet, resulting in a massive, $6,000 long “Darth Maul” candle on the three-month price chart. But what does this rare and explosive candlestick pattern typically indicate, and what could this mean for Bitco - SHARE ARTICLE

A federal judge denied Telegram's request to issue Gram tokens to non-U.S. investors. - SHARE ARTICLE

Companies that specialize in moving goods from one place to another are starting to use the technology that powers cryptocurrency to streamline their work, and they say it could help hospitals stay stocked and staffed during pandemics like the one caused - SHARE ARTICLE

According to Europa Press, the Spanish Revenue Service, the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT), is ready to issue 66,000 warning letters to citizens to foster its effort of enforcing tax payment on the earnings from cryptocurrency trading - SHARE ARTICLE

Photo by Dmitry Demidko Originally Posted On: - SHARE ARTICLE

Biggest Winner in Crypto Crash Is Most Controversial CoinBloomberg - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitfury said donated GPU miners had already performed more than 1,300 calculations for Folding at Home's coronavirus research since March 20. - SHARE ARTICLE

The world is getting more and more digital each day. In the process, different spheres of people’s lives become linked to the Internet and the online world. The financial markets aren’t the except - SHARE ARTICLE

Ethereum and the aggregated cryptocurrency market has seen a slight selloff overnight that was catalyzed by Bitcoin’s decline to the lower $6,000 region. This plunge has not impacted ETH in the same way it has other altcoins, as the crypto is currently si - SHARE ARTICLE

Fed's Quantitative Easing Strategy Holds Long-Term Benefits for - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain technology augments the core functions and extends the reach of enterprise software to other business stakeholders and partners. - SHARE ARTICLE

While bitcoin and the broader crypto market fell during Q1 amid a global crisis, a few coins outperformed. Here are a few notable winners and losers. - SHARE ARTICLE

Essential Fourth-Quarter Stats for Agencies and Media CompaniesAdweek - SHARE ARTICLE

Cointelegraph spoke to cLabs’ Xochitl Cazador to find out about Celo’s community grants and the network’s plans for 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as Craig Wright, will appear in an “ask me anything” session! At the same time, there’s a new token in front of Bitcoin on - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrency in Focus: It's a 'Brave' New World for Binance, BATTheStreet - SHARE ARTICLE

The San Francisco-based payments company Ripple is proposing a new feature that would boost the level of privacy on XRP transactions. - SHARE ARTICLE

One of the biggest crypto platforms in Europe, Bitstamp, today announced that it is planning to support a new set of digital assets which will includes - SHARE ARTICLE

The early stage tech company said its new partnership will go beyond offering a gold-backed token. It wants the entire Australian gold supply chain on it. - SHARE ARTICLE

A South Korean scam company has reportedly gathered around USD 4.9 million in the ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency as part of a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. Per Joongang Ilbo, the Seoul-based outfit, which was active between January and February 2020, - SHARE ARTICLE

A new mesh network runs on crypto and the Bitcoin markets might not hit $20K. It's CoinDesk's Markets Daily Podcast. - SHARE ARTICLE

After months of consecutive decline and downtrend, XRP may be finally ready to stage a full recovery. The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap has triggered a very important and accurate buy signal on monthly timeframes – the first time the signal h - SHARE ARTICLE

Coinbase is putting its digital dollars where the traction is. Announced Wednesday, Coinbase has deposited $1.1 million in USDC stablecoins into the pools powering two of the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on Ethereum: Uniswap and - SHARE ARTICLE

The Los Angeles-based venture capital studio focused on blockchain and fintech startups which longtime venture investor Tim Draper now calls home has added a new venture partner to its team. Draper Goren Holm, the firm Draper manages alongside co-founders - SHARE ARTICLE

Coinsbit store announced that its clients will have the chance to shop on major e–commerce sites such as Alibaba and Amazon. Consecutively, Coinsbit plans to open its stores to the […] - SHARE ARTICLE

A brief spurt to $6,600 takes care of the latest Bitcoin futures gap, while a Cointelegraph analyst calls for caution below $6,900 for BTC price. - SHARE ARTICLE

U.S. mobile operator AT&T hopes to dismiss cryptocurrency investor Mike Terpin's amended complaint over a SIM-swap hack that allegedly cost him $24 million. - SHARE ARTICLE

Binance has been offering "generous" referral bonuses for its new crypto mining pool. - SHARE ARTICLE

Click HERE to find out ⭐ CoinEx Teams Up With Simplex to Offer Credit Cad Payments of Cryptocurrencies. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more. - SHARE ARTICLE

Competing in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms is no easy task. PrimeBit is a very different creature compared to regular platforms. It is fully peer-to-peer, and offers some - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain Finds New Home In Retail Food - SHARE ARTICLE

What is token burning and how does the crypto space benefit from it?Micky News - SHARE ARTICLE

It’s imperative that consumers standing in line for a vaccine aren’t receiving a vaccine only 60% effective, because it went out of temperature range. - SHARE ARTICLE

BTSE, a British Virgin Islands-based crypto exchange, announced on Wednesday the upcoming launch of its debit card. - SHARE ARTICLE

XRP investors have amended a class action lawsuit against Ripple to cater for an outcome where the token is ruled to not be a security - SHARE ARTICLE

Either more Spanish citizens than ever before traded in cryptocurrencies in the past financial year or the country’s tax authorities have become more adept at monitoring citizens’ crypto-related activities. That appears to the takeaway after Spanish tax a - SHARE ARTICLE

Get all blockchain and cryptocurrency news and analysis. We provide daily Bitcoin news and blockchain news including bitcoin beginner guides,free trading tips, Airdrops, ICOs, IEOs, and more - SHARE ARTICLE

A malicious botnet has been targeting Microsoft SQL database servers to mine cryptocurrency for two years, according to a new report. - SHARE ARTICLE

Some are claiming that exchanges are not holding the amount of USDT they claim and they are using 'fractional reserve' methods to hide it. - SHARE ARTICLE

Whether you’re in the thick of a digital transformation, or planning to start in 2020, have confidence you are moving in the right direction. You’re committing to expand into different channels, use data and other technologies to reduce customer churn and - SHARE ARTICLE

A senior analyst at RoboForex shares his insights into the future scenarios for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash price movement. - SHARE ARTICLE

An in-depth interview with Catherine Coley, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US, which explores the concept of digital dollars and more. - SHARE ARTICLE

Institutional Hong Kong-based crypto trading platform OSL reported an increase in revenue of 737 percent in 2019. - SHARE ARTICLE

Many still find themselves wondering if bitcoin and stocks are indeed correlated, or if each trading party follows its own path. - SHARE ARTICLE

If history is a guide, financial models forecasting the post-halving bitcoin price are just as likely to shape the future as predict it. - SHARE ARTICLE

The "blockchain" concept on which cryptocurrencies work might be extrapolated to many other areas of life, such as voting systems, where it's incontrovertible chain of decisions and evidence could ensure validity in a political or other election. - SHARE ARTICLE

Cointelegraph spoke to the UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator’s director to find out what the blockchain incubator offers aspiring DLT startups. - SHARE ARTICLE

Kvaroy Arctic is partnering with IBM Food Trust on blockchain-based technology. - SHARE ARTICLE

Air transport alliance tests use of blockchain to transform the multibillion-pound industry that manages air cargo transportation. - SHARE ARTICLE

If you’re looking to embark on a crypto trading journey and become a successful trader, it’s essential to understand what and how a cryptocurrency exchange works. - SHARE ARTICLE

KYLIAN MBAPPE is caught up in a cryptocurrency scam with cops probing the alleged use of his image without permission. The Paris Saint-Germain striker has reportedly filed a complaint of fraud with… - SHARE ARTICLE

Telecoms service provider Syniverse has launched its Universal Commerce system, a blockchain platform for multi-party billing and payments designed for 5G - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoins and dollars are like oil and water—but financier Caitlin Long says she can blend them inside one novel institution domiciled in Wyoming. - SHARE ARTICLE

There are no restrictions on how stimulus money should be spent. Here is what you should know before investing your stimulus check on crypto! - SHARE ARTICLE

The cryptocurrency exchange space is crowded: data comparison websites show over 300 cryptocurrency trading platforms are out there, with some standing out due to controversial revenue models. - SHARE ARTICLE

The Lightning Network startup Zap now offers fiat-friendly bitcoin payment tools. Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado are an early proving ground. - SHARE ARTICLE

While retail investors have been active in trading the cryptocurrency market since early 2000, it was not until the run-up in 2017, that digital coins attracted the attention of the institutional markets. - SHARE ARTICLE

Vollgar botnet launches brute-force attacks against MSSQL databases to take over servers and install Monero and Vollar cryptocurrency miners. - SHARE ARTICLE

Negative interest rates will force stablecoins to look at their fee structures and cut costs. Only the fittest will survive, says our columnist. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin prices plunged sharply over the first three months of the year as concerns about the global coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the economy - SHARE ARTICLE

The cryptocurrency market is highly unstable, so building a trading strategy is a must for any investor. - SHARE ARTICLE

EMURGO Indonesia has announced the news about its strategic partnership with leading Indonesian coffee brand, Blue Korintji Coffee. - SHARE ARTICLE

Anatoly Aksakov, the head of the Duma committee on the financial market recently took to the stage to inform citizens that the legal framework for cryptocurrencies was ready to be launched. - SHARE ARTICLE Exchange Features ETH on The Syndicate LitePRNewswire - SHARE ARTICLE

Proof-of-stake blockchain Cardano went live with its Byron reboot yesterday, March 30, as the project prepares its transition to the Shelley mainnet. - SHARE ARTICLE

Hex Trust announced that it had become the first licensed company from the country to be integrated with the R3 network’s Corda platform. - SHARE ARTICLE

AT&T wants two claims of deceit and $200 million dismissed from the ongoing case over a crypto investor who lost $24 million to a SIM-swapping attack in January... - SHARE ARTICLE

The Bermuda Monetary Authority has granted a license to Relm Insurance Ltd., which will initially focus on digital asset enterprises and cannabis and hemp-related businesses. - SHARE ARTICLE

In recent news, Bitstamp has added BitGo, a blockchain security firm, as a custody provider for the platform. - SHARE ARTICLE

Indian crypto exchange BuyUCoin has sealed regulatory approval from Estonia’s financial watchdog to expand its services abroad. - SHARE ARTICLE

Many have described Japan’s crypto regulations as rather strict. Meanwhile, people also believe that this might be the wrong approach with cryptos. According to some, digital currencies require the freedom to evolve and for the market to mature. However, - SHARE ARTICLE

The Bitcoin codebase is to be preserved under the Arctic ice of Svalbard for 1,000 years as part of the GitHub Archive Program. - SHARE ARTICLE

AbacasXchange Inc., a leader in tokenized asset exchanges, and DigiShares, a leading provider of white-label issuance solutions for digital assets, have signed a partnership agreement to further develop their collaboration in order to provide end-to-end s - SHARE ARTICLE

Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin said in a tweet on Wednesday that Ethereum can also be used as "a plain old cryptocurrency." - SHARE ARTICLE

The company behind cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX is increasing the grant it pays to one of the developers responsible for keeping the Bitcoin Core protocol up and running. - SHARE ARTICLE

Today, we are proud to announce that we are rolling out a brand new interest-generating product for Bitcoin, alongside a new app redesign for 2020, making Mode one of the most attractive mobile banking apps to buy, store, and grow Bitcoin in the UK. - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrencies Price Analysis: ICON, ETC, XTZ, NEO, EOS: The crypto market is on a negative downtrend today. However, the magnitude of downfall is not that much which can lead to major price corrections. - SHARE ARTICLE

Major crypto exchange and wallet provider Huobi has partnered with decentralized crypto lending platform Cred to enable users to earn interest on their crypto holdings. - SHARE ARTICLE

Shanghai Gas Co.Ltd collaborates with Vechain to bring development in the blockchain-based energy project. This collaboration aims to build a trust-free “Energy-as-a-Service” ecosystem. - SHARE ARTICLE

Ripple price retreat today keeping the rebound from the 33-month lows alive. Investors sentiment has improved the last days after the coordinated - SHARE ARTICLE

The CEO of Galaxy Digital Michael Novogratz remains optimistic that this is the time to buy Bitcoin. In a message sent via Twitter to his followers, N - SHARE ARTICLE

While the lawsuit against Ripple Labs still alleges the firm broke securities laws with its sales of XRP, the plaintiffs now seem to be hedging their bets with an alternative theory. - SHARE ARTICLE

Australian blockchain firm Power Ledger and French green energy retailer ekWateur are offering 220,000 French households a blockchain tool to customize their energy mix. - SHARE ARTICLE

Canada seemed to have taken a different approach, prioritizing other matters and largely ignoring the potential of cryptocurrencies in the country. - SHARE ARTICLE

Along with decreasing volatility in the spot price of major cryptoassets, trading volumes in both bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) futures contracts have also been on the decline across exchanges since the crypto market crash in mid-March. - SHARE ARTICLE

A press conference reveals Trump keenly anticipating an oil price from the 1950s as fiat currencies dependent on the market look set to suffer. - SHARE ARTICLE

The Bitcoin Cash price line showed noise on the price chart for the 31st of March. The cryptocurrency saw a high across the $224.00 level, while it closed trade below […] - SHARE ARTICLE

Advanced crypto trading tool does all the researches on behalf of the traders and saves much of their precious time. - SHARE ARTICLE

An Indian state official recently met with the founders of the "India Crypto Bulls" initiative and discussed cryptocurrency development, investment, and innovation in India. talked to Kumar Gaurav, one of the founders, to find o - SHARE ARTICLE

BMW Group uses blockchain to drive supply chain - SHARE ARTICLE

On March 24, 2020, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC” or the “Commission”) unanimously approved its final interpretive guidance (“Final… - SHARE ARTICLE

Recent findings show that strict laws and crypto regulations in Japan are hindering foreign exchanges from doing business in Japan. A gaming developer, DoubleJump.Tokyo rolled out the research team So […] - SHARE ARTICLE

top cryptocurrencies which are worth holding because of their promising outlook and to earn passive income as dividends. Here is the list of dividend paying cryptocurrencies which helps you earn passive income - - SHARE ARTICLE

A new crypto deposit policy can likely protect more digital asset value than many institutional custodial solutions with billion-dollar AUMs. - SHARE ARTICLE

Mount Sinai Hospital and the Open Health Network have collaborated on a blockchain project to track long term patient care for IBD patients - SHARE ARTICLE

EastNets is pleased to announce that 28 financial institutions are now live users of a real-time watchlist feed, delivered securely over blockchain. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin Lessons has officially launched to help educate the public about the history of money and the world of Bitcoin. - SHARE ARTICLE

Discover a list of top cryptocurrencies to invest in April 2020 with the latest crypto market overview. Find a short forecast for the industry in April 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrencies are backing off from resistance levels, as the selling pressure outweighs the weak buying activity. Bitcoin (-2.33%) leads the drops - SHARE ARTICLE

Tech giant, Microsoft Corporation has been granted an international patent for a cryptocurrency system using body activity data. - SHARE ARTICLE

Deep inside a forsaken coal mine on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, the Bitcoin Core code repository will be kept on film reels and stored for centuries. - SHARE ARTICLE

EC regulates any securities brokerages and, Robinhood has to follow a lot of rules and regulations. So, you do not have to worry about your money. - SHARE ARTICLE

Information on the launch of the global Coinsbit Store, scheduled for March 31, 2020, has appeared in the official social channels of the Coinsbit ecosystem. - SHARE ARTICLE

XDEX, a Brazilian crypto exchange, announced on Wednesday the closure of its services. - SHARE ARTICLE

As the coronavirus wreaks havoc with the global economy, the number of transactions in crypto and fiat currency is falling to record lows. - SHARE ARTICLE

The leading US crypto exchange Coinbase says it witnessed a tidal wave of deposits in the 48 hours following Bitcoin's (BTC) crash on March 12th. - SHARE ARTICLE

Tether's CTO believes USDT can help stabilize the DeFi space by injecting value from outside the asset class that can help diversify risk. - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain technologies present many exciting possibilities for the world as a whole and in the iGaming industry. - SHARE ARTICLE

Digital Assets Management Market 2020: Challenges, Growth, Types, Applications, Revenue, Industry Size, Industry Growth, Application, Competitive Landscape, Forecasts 2025The Fuel Fox - SHARE ARTICLE

BeInCrypto provides our cryptocurrency news roundup for the date of March 31, 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

Options trading provides a unique type of insurance to traders and limits the possibility of being liquidated, a frequent occurrence in futures trading - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin Daily: Manetu Opts For Blockchain-Light PII - SHARE ARTICLE

GrainChain to expand with Symbiont's Assembly blockchain platform -Enterprise Times - SHARE ARTICLE

A report about the addition of features to Totle Swap platform, including low fees, display of liquidation path and price comparisons. - SHARE ARTICLE

Newly released data from Coinbase shows that the recent capitulatory decline may have actually revealed the immense strength of crypto bulls. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin corrected lower from the $6,600 resistance area against the US Dollar. BTC price is currently holding the key $6,250 support and it could start a fresh increase in the near term. Bitcoin started a short term downside correction from the $6,636 hi - SHARE ARTICLE

New Contact Tracing App “TRACY” leverages Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS based Moibit to combat the COVID-19 outbreakBlockmanity - SHARE ARTICLE

A report on the launch of the Microsponsors digital marketplace, which allows users to monetize their time as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). - SHARE ARTICLE

London-based FinTech Mode Banking has announced the release of a new interest- generating product for Bitcoin along with a new app redesign for 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

The Australian National University has partnered with Ripple to develop two Masters courses examining the impact of blockchain on legal disputes. - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain's Great Gaming Crossover: Will It Ever Happen? A Look at Where Things Stand Now With Changelly's Eric BenzBTCMANAGER - SHARE ARTICLE

The IOHK has put a great deal of time, expertise and money to bring to the market a revolutionary product to meet the highest expectations. According - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin has fallen less than major U.S. equity indices in the first quarter but still hasn't proven it can act as a "safe haven" in times of market turmoil. - SHARE ARTICLE

A new report has found strict cryptocurrency regulations in Japan might discourage foreign players — but will help the industry in the long run. - SHARE ARTICLE

Ripple is still struggling to surpass the $0.1780 resistance area against the US Dollar. XRP price is currently holding the 100 hourly SMA and it could rise again. Ripple price is still facing a strong hurdle near $0.1750 and $0.1780 against the US dolla - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitwise Asset Management is reportedy getting ready to have its cryptocurrency index fund listed on OTC Markets. - SHARE ARTICLE

Ethereum is still struggling to clear the main $135 resistance area against the US Dollar. ETH price must break the $135 hurdle to start a strong rally in the coming sessions. Ethereum is currently consolidating below the main $135 resistance against the - SHARE ARTICLE

The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") recently won a high-profile victory when a federal court held that there is a substantial likelihood that the SEC will prevail at trial in... - SHARE ARTICLE