Pantera Capital CEO Says Bitcoin (BTC) May Hit All-Time High in 12 Months, Hedge Fund Positioning for Cryptocurrency Market Surge - The Daily Hodl
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The CEO of blockchain and crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital says he believes Bitcoin (BTC) will likely shatter its all-time high of $20,000 in the next 12 months. -

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Although China remains the leading region for bitcoin mining, the coronavirus downturn is changing the picture in other geographies. - SHARE ARTICLE

Negotiations over the $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package signed by President Trump on Friday weren’t just historic for the cost, nor the speed with which... - SHARE ARTICLE

A Finnish company has developed a city-scale AR mapping app for Android and iOS phones that crowdsources 3D point map creation to enable shared experiences. - SHARE ARTICLE

Five concerns about the mass rush to online learning that shouldn’t be ignoredWashington Post - SHARE ARTICLE

BTC/USD is currently trading at $6351 (+3.65%), the price is moving within consolidation mode, ahead of another attempt at $7000. ETH/USD is currently - SHARE ARTICLE

China’s second-largest courier services provider – SF Express – is contemplating the use of blockchain technology for the movement of critical supplies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This, according to a report by Global Times, March 30, 2020. Bloc - SHARE ARTICLE

After facing an intense selloff yesterday that led Bitcoin, Ethereum, and virtually all other major altcoins to post some intense losses, the aggregated market has been able to recover slightly today, being led higher by BTC. This upwards momentum has led - SHARE ARTICLE

Central banks are best placed to deliver regular, no-questions-asked monthly payments to everyone, and to manage any ensuing inflation. - SHARE ARTICLE

Crypto Gazette is having a significant giveaway at the end of April. The crypto-oriented online publication will gift ten Ledger Nano X devices to the luckiest of its readers at the end of the month. - SHARE ARTICLE

A new partnership between Overland-Tandberg and the United States Black Chambers will help black businesses survive, scale-up, and thrive in tech. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin seems to be building up momentum for a breakout above $7,000 and many of the top-10 altcoins are following suit by posting moderate gains - SHARE ARTICLE

OkCoin Japan announced on Monday that it registered itself with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau as a virtual currency exchange. - SHARE ARTICLE

The Northwestern Chinese province of Gansu says that all of its cities are now covered by its Blockchain Service Network (BSN) service platform. Per a report from the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper the People's Daily, Gansu first unveiled th - SHARE ARTICLE

Their solution appears simple but potent: take excess natural gas, convert it to electricity on a well site and then use that power for data computing. - SHARE ARTICLE

Riot Blockchain has included COVID-19 in 18 pages of risk factors to the business listed in its annual Form 10-K report to the SEC. - SHARE ARTICLE

France's central bank is calling for digital currency proposals with an experiment that moves it to the front of Europe's CBDC debate. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market has since staged a strong recovery following the massive, record-breaking crash caused by coronavirus fears spilling into financial markets earlier this month. But despite crypto prices continuing to climb, the Fe - SHARE ARTICLE

Binance removes 15 trading pairs anew, 10 pairs delisted recentlyMicky News - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency began stamping its hypothetical feet and making noise in mainstream media over the last decade, with individuals taking a keen interest in blockchain and its link to banking and investment. - SHARE ARTICLE

The Hyperledger Besu team, today announced Hyperledger’s Technical Steering Committee (TSC) voted to graduate the project from incubation to active status. The Hyperledger Besu team believes this decision demonstrates the strength of the Besu project and - SHARE ARTICLE

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, is campaigning for government to use Cash App and other payment platforms to distribute U.S. stimulus package. - SHARE ARTICLE

Nano is unlocking the utility of Cryptocurrency. People are looking for an easy way to make use of the value they have stored in their - SHARE ARTICLE

Anyone holding bitcoin would have watched the market with alarm in recent weeks. The virtual currency, whose price other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and litecoin largely follow, plummeted from more than USD 10,000 in mid-February to briefly below USD 4 - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance confirmed that it will be delisting all 25 of its FTX leveraged digital tokens. - SHARE ARTICLE

TSB Gaming Ltd Partners with Atari to Create New Voxelized Versions of Landmark Gaming Icons including Pong®, Asteroids®, Centipede®, and RollerCoaster... - SHARE ARTICLE

While it might surprise some to learn that crypto technology has been evolving since the early ‘90s, what shouldn’t come as a shock is just how far the technology has come- and how far it hopes to … - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception more than 10 years ago. There are now millions of people around the world that look to Bitcoin - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin prices are up and Breitling puts watches on the blockchain. It's CoinDesk's Markets Daily. - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin price has been more volatile than ever lately after the asset plummeted from $10,000 to under $4,000 in just over a month’s time. After such a collapse, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has since bounced and is trading above $6,300 followi - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitget, a Singapore-based spot trading platform for major digital assets is making active plans to expand operations from the Asian region to the United States. The firm says it has now registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), ac - SHARE ARTICLE

In what is apparently the first provision of its kind in the nation, on March 12, Wyoming amended its insurance code to expressly allow domestic insurers to invest in “digital assets.” - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain gaming continues to bring interest from the traditional gaming secotr as Square Enix backs TSB Gaming - SHARE ARTICLE

Sponsored: At Crypto Garage, innovators are working to create a wide array of specialized cryptofinance tools. - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrencies Index Flashes First Buy Signal in Three MonthsBloomberg - SHARE ARTICLE

Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX announces the launch of the LCX Smart Order. LCX Smart Order is an automated smart order routing system for cryptocurrency trading. Advanced algorithms compare prices across 10 crypto exchanges in real-time and execu - SHARE ARTICLE

Decentralized media company Alethea AI is allowing users to stake their DAI to reward their favorite content creators via "no-loss content sponsoring." - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchains said its Web3.0 platform for digital asset custody and digital identity management will also be released in 2022. - SHARE ARTICLE

Coronavirus drove blockchain startup Spherity to developed a decentralized ID prototype for interacting with healthcare providers and pharmacies. - SHARE ARTICLE

The US Federal Reserve announced an endless asset purchase program to combat the economic slowdown arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. - SHARE ARTICLE

The software tester for the LSE has said crypto derivatives exchange ZUBR met the required standards to operate as a HFT platform for professional traders. - SHARE ARTICLE

Since its inception back in early 2009, blockchain technology has come a long way. With the waves that Bitcoin has made all across the media for the past few years, blockchain app development has gain - SHARE ARTICLE

Crypto currencies have come a long way since their launch. People who used to be wary of crypto currencies now look at it as a nice way to transact because it offers anonymity and ease of use. However, people who have not yet taken to crypto currencies st - SHARE ARTICLE

Biscuit, Developer of “EOS Knights” Reveals “Knight Story” Supporting TRON BlockchainOlean Times Herald - SHARE ARTICLE

Astonishing Growth of Digital Asset Trading Platform Market to See Huge Growth in Future by 2020-2028 | Leading Key Vendors ErisX, Bit Mon Ex, Bittrex, Bakkt, CoinDesk, Kraken, Devexperts, Interdax, Ledger Vault.Bandera County Courier - SHARE ARTICLE

New GS1 US blockchain guideline helps companies prepare for supply chain implementationsModern Materials Handling - SHARE ARTICLE

Climate change caused by carbon emissions might be one reason for such a terrible global COVID-19 pandemic scenario. - SHARE ARTICLE

A newly launched crypto exchange says it is on a mission to connect crypto to global finance and plans to offer tokenized commodities and indices. - SHARE ARTICLE

hina’s second largest courier service provider SF Express is studying the utilization of blockchain to move crucial goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Times, an English media outlet under the supervision of the CPC-owned People’s Daily Group, stat - SHARE ARTICLE

DeversiFi begins aggressive deflationary model by burning $20 million of its NEC token to drive decentralized exchange adoption following recent crypto sell-off. - SHARE ARTICLE

The market sentiment has seen an improvement for the second week in a row. The combined moving average 7-day market sentiment measure, sentscore, for the top 10 coins, is up this week to 4.73, compared to last week's 4.33/10, shows crypto market sentiment - SHARE ARTICLE

In what could be a world first, a billion-dollar blockchain company donated $500,000 in its own cryptocurrency to help fund the new Advanced Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory at the Unive - SHARE ARTICLE

Tron’s founder Justin Sun unveiled a new collateralized lending platform meant to bring DeFi to TRX, though it appears to be an exact clone of MakerDAO. - SHARE ARTICLE

Trendspek wants companies to continue inspections and plan critical maintenance remotely from homeCommercial UAV News - SHARE ARTICLE

The India Crypto Bulls team was confident that the lifting of the ban was a sign of mass adoption and capital gains. A meeting with the Minister of State in today's financial atmosphere has spurred hope among investors across the country. - SHARE ARTICLE

The price of Bitcoin gained $600 on Monday to fill a futures gap but is this the end of the road for the bulls or is a V-shaped recovery still possible? - SHARE ARTICLE

OKCoin completed its registration to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan - the first global exchange to earn a license in the country. - SHARE ARTICLE

Crypto exchange Binance was forced to delist FTX leveraged tokens as users sustained significant devaluations from not reading warning notices. - SHARE ARTICLE

HR departments need to work together with security and leadership teams to create a strong employee privacy plan while still protecting themselves against insider threats. - SHARE ARTICLE

COVID-19 is not something we planned for but is a great test of b-to-b marketers’ resilience and agility in a time of crisis. - SHARE ARTICLE

The entry of FinTech startups in the market with blockchain applications address several existing challenges in the traditional finances sector. - SHARE ARTICLE

US authorities indicted blockchain and digital currency friendly president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and 14 other senior government administratorswith narco-terrorism and participating in conducting illegal dealings specifically drug trafficking using - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitmain’s Antminer E3, an ASIC miner that should have allegedly become obsolete by April 2020, will continue mining Ether at least till October 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

You can be sure that the coin2fx platform has just the right tools you need to make profits using your money. - SHARE ARTICLE

Binance’s educational arm, Binance Academy, has announced yesterday that it launched a blockchain research institute in China. The institute’s name is Lingang Blockchain Technology and Industry Research Institute, also known as Lingang Research Institute. - SHARE ARTICLE

CasperLabs, a Switzerland-based development company, constructing a high-performance blockchain network that implements the Correct-by-Construction (“CBC”) Casper Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol, has announced a collaboration with, a Singapor - SHARE ARTICLE

Click HERE to find out ⭐ KuCoin Announces “Project Pinocchio” With Multiple Blockchain Institutions to Tackle Dishonest Behaviors in the Crypto Space. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more. - SHARE ARTICLE

The blockchain industry has surged quite a bit in South Korea. and many new businesses have announced blockchain initiatives. The most recent one seems to be the country’s largest telecom, KT. The company has launched a blockchain platform meant for contr - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain gaming continues to bring interest from the traditional gaming secotr as Square Enix backs TSB Gaming - SHARE ARTICLE

Some point to the need for transacting with cryptocurrencies or digitized cash as a way to prevent the spread through the physical forms of payment despite no scientific consensus for how COVID-19 - SHARE ARTICLE

With investors seeking safety in dollars, stablecoins have seen inflows of more than $2 billion since the crash. But zero interest rates threaten business revenue. - SHARE ARTICLE

As the volatility on cryptocurrency markets grows, investors turn to contract exchanges to make the most of the opportunity. Platforms like PrimeBit or - SHARE ARTICLE

The Celsius Network has begun using Chainlink’s price data feed oracles while offering treasury management services to the oracle platform. - SHARE ARTICLE

Celsius Network will integrate price data from Chainink, with the latter tapping Celsius’s treasury system to manage its cryptoassets. - SHARE ARTICLE

Opera has integrated Unstoppable Domain’s .crypto domain extension, enabling its users to access decentralized web pages - SHARE ARTICLE

Despite the pressures already placed on healthcare organizations by COVID-19, ransomware operators continue to target hospitals - SHARE ARTICLE

The firm has asked a court to clarify if it can still issue its tokens to non-U.S. investors after a preliminary injunction blocked the issuance in the U.S. - SHARE ARTICLE

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) issued a blockchain-based bond using BOOSTRY's platform, the joint venture with Nomura Holdings - SHARE ARTICLE

South Korea's largest bank KB Kookmin is reportedly set to launch a crypto custody platform pending approval from financial regulators. - SHARE ARTICLE

Prominent economist Peter Schiff lately compared the performances of Bitcoin and Gold amidst the deepening financial crisis, noting traders who bought the cryptocurrency at its year-to-date high are sitting at 70 percent losses while those who purchased G - SHARE ARTICLE

Opera Rolls out Update and Expansion of its Cryptocurrency-Friendly Browser Blockchain ArchitectureBlockchain News - SHARE ARTICLE

Figure Technologies announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in issuing the first ever securitization backed by loans originated, serviced, financed and sold on blockchain. - SHARE ARTICLE

GrainChain has announced its plan to expand globally and to scale its operations by shifting to the Symbiont enterprise blockchain platform, Assembly. - SHARE ARTICLE

NBA Star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Spencer Dinwiddie and Cred, a California based licensed lender, have launched an exclusive partnership - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $6,280, having gained nearly 2% on a day-to-day basis. Notably, the first digital asset has recovered from the intr - SHARE ARTICLE

A group of roughly 30 stakepools has formed an alliance on Cardano’s Shelley testnet to make block production more efficient. - SHARE ARTICLE

Ripple price retreat today keeping the rebound from the 33-month lows alive. Investors sentiment has improved the last days after the coordinated - SHARE ARTICLE

Legal confusion has broken out in South Korea as experts and lawyers remain uncertain as to whether the police can confiscate the cryptocurrency holdings of Telegram Nth room chief suspect Cho Joo-bin. - SHARE ARTICLE

The panel of distinguished spokespersons included ChainUP Founder and CEO Zhong Gengfa, CoinTube CEO Shatt and Co-founder and CEO of Cointelegraph China, Vadim Krekotin - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin rose by 7 percent early on Monday even as the risk-off mood returned to the traditional markets. - SHARE ARTICLE

With an increasing institutional interest in crypto, ZUBR announced on Monday the launch of its digital asset derivatives platform. - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain firm Solana has sold out of the tokens that it issued via a Dutch auction on CoinList’s platform. - SHARE ARTICLE

SAIC announced a collaborative pilot program with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to take steps toward using state-of-the-art blockchain technology - SHARE ARTICLE

Times are tough for all businesses, as the economic downtime and indefinite quarantine put strain on enterprises around the world. - SHARE ARTICLE

Despite bitcoin dropping by some 30% over the last 30-day period, survey results show bitcoin investors were upbeat at the beginning of the year, with most expecting the bitcoin price to soar to over $20,000 per bitcoin in 2020... - SHARE ARTICLE

If data is an asset, a liability, an expense and a source of revenue, might we see a day when public companies will release an annual report of data? - SHARE ARTICLE

South Korea’s largest telecommunications conglomerate, KT, is launching a blockchain platform for contracts called KT Paperless. - SHARE ARTICLE

Binance recently decided to delist all its leveraged tokens and its competitors are seeing it as an opportunity to offer the same services. - SHARE ARTICLE

Binance Academy, the non-profit educational arm of crypto exchange Binance, has announced that it has established a blockchain research institute in Shanghai, China. - SHARE ARTICLE

In his latest market discussion, the veteran trader says that he is “under the assumption that the low is in” for Bitcoin after its trip to $3,700 this month. - SHARE ARTICLE

The antidote to the many economic crises the world has faced over the past few decades has been debt. Case in point: as of the time of writing this, the latest estimates put the amount of global debt somewhere in the region of $250 trillion, or approximat - SHARE ARTICLE

Press release content from ACCESSWIRE. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation. - SHARE ARTICLE

Blockchain Game Alliance Elects The Sandbox COO, Sébastien Borget, as President and Announces Ubisoft, AMD, Animoca Brands, and MakerDAO as 2020 SponsorsGamasutra - SHARE ARTICLE

Beware of fake chrome extensions because they could steal your crypto!On March 28, a Reddit user shared how she lost $2,577 in Ripples (XRP) after downloading a Chrome extension. The app extension appeared legit but... - SHARE ARTICLE

On a minimum allocation of 5 percent of their assets/inherited in Bitcoin, it was believed that by 2044 the annual capital inflows will be around 1 trillion USD. - SHARE ARTICLE

A new job posting by Ripple suggests that a new trading platform on the XRP ledger will be launched soon. - SHARE ARTICLE

XRP, the cryptocurrency affiliated with US-based fintech company Ripple, is among just a handful of digital assets that are trading in the red or are unchanged over the past 24 hours, with the broader crypto market recording strong gains during early Mond - SHARE ARTICLE

Opera announced major updates, its blockchain browser services are available to entire EU, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Switzerland. - SHARE ARTICLE

A recent Deloitte survey of senior executives worldwide in 2019 found that 53% of respondents said that blockchain has become a critical priority – an increase from last year, with a 83% of respondents noting the compelling use cases for blockchain. Block - SHARE ARTICLE

U.S. currency in circulation has experienced its largest increase in over 20 years. - SHARE ARTICLE

U.S. digital asset exchange Bittrex Global has announced it will open trading on a EUR-BSV pair starting at the end of March. - SHARE ARTICLE

Breitling launched an updated Top Time watch as featured in a 1960s James Bond movie. It boasts a blockchain digital identity from the Arianee consortium - SHARE ARTICLE

The actions of global central banks will eventually be quite positive for Bitcoin, though the cryptocurrency requires more adoption and trust. - SHARE ARTICLE

Hitachi Solutions Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese tech firm is joining forces with Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys for the development, and sales of blockchain solutions powered by PegaSys Plus, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform from the stables of Cons - SHARE ARTICLE

Advanced crypto trading tool does all the researches on behalf of the traders and saves much of their precious time. - SHARE ARTICLE

The rapidly expanding community of crypto derivatives traders stands to benefit from an industry-grade trading service with the launch of ZUBR, a new high-performance exchange for digital asset derivatives. - SHARE ARTICLE

How blockchain can help with the COVID-19 recoveryStockhead - SHARE ARTICLE

Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $6,280, having gained nearly 2% on a day-to-day basis. Notably, the first digital asset has recovered from the intr - SHARE ARTICLE

The Telos Foundation and are set to launch an app that helps users source COVID-19 testing kits. - SHARE ARTICLE

Ripple price had started a recovery journey just when it opened today below $0.1650. The XRP coin is testing resistance above $0.1714. - SHARE ARTICLE

Major Spanish bank Santander is extending its Ripple-powered international payments system One Pay FX to Mexico in 2020. - SHARE ARTICLE

The internet is littered with many dubious activities right now, as many scammers are taking advantage of the fear and confusion caused by the ongoing global health crisis. A twitter post on January 29 advertised a website that would offer a so-called cor - SHARE ARTICLE

50 percent of consumers would be willing to use blockchain to find out more about food, drink and nutritional supplements, a survey has revealed. - SHARE ARTICLE

Uncomplicated and secure trading in cryptocurrencies on the smartphone: this is possible with BISON, Boerse Stuttgart Group’s crypto app. BISON has now hit the 100,000 active users mark. “The number of active users - SHARE ARTICLE

Celsius Network has teamed up with oracle provider Chainlink to make the price feeds it uses to calculate asset interest rates less centralized. - SHARE ARTICLE

Selling pressure took BTC/USD below $5,900 as the weekend closed, but strength subsequently reappeared and markets bounced higher. - SHARE ARTICLE

As stricter, more complex, requirements in relation to anti-money laundering are implemented in the EU, distributed ledger technology ("DLT")... - SHARE ARTICLE

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the ways to start stacking digital assets, and it appears that the tech giant Microsoft has come up with a new idea. The - SHARE ARTICLE

Don’t miss the first episode of BSV Stories, “Making Music with Bitcoin,” airing later today. - SHARE ARTICLE

CB Insights, a research firm headquartered in New York, has unveiled a report indicating that Chinese firms are beginning to considerably boost their blockchain linked investments. - SHARE ARTICLE

The rapidly expanding community of crypto derivatives traders stands to benefit from an industry-grade trading service with the launch of ZUBR, a new high-performance exchange for digital asset derivatives. The platform has seen a cum - SHARE ARTICLE

This soon to be launched cryptocurrency has come about after years of research and development to offer myriad advantages to users. Media ContactWebsite: - SHARE ARTICLE

The Crypto ecosystem in India is quietly gaining traction soon after the historic decision by the honorable supreme court of India. In fact, there’s no - SHARE ARTICLE

Thor Chan is the chief executive officer for AAX cryptocurrency exchange. Having previously held key roles at Microsoft, HBSC, App Annie, and Publicis, I was curious to see how these roles have contri - SHARE ARTICLE

Roger Ver, the prominent Bitcoin Cash advocate and former CEO of, appears to think that the world’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionate. - SHARE ARTICLE

Internet usage has increased globally, as many people spend time at home in quarantine to curb the spread of the global pandemic, coronavirus. This surge has put a significant strain on Venezuelan internet connections, says the country's biggest tele - SHARE ARTICLE

As CryptoSlate has detailed extensively over the past few weeks, the dynamic of the crypto market has dramatically changed ever since Mar. 12’s Bitcoin flash crash, during which the market capitalization of the space lost almost 50 percent within a 24-hou - SHARE ARTICLE

KuCoin partners with Trading View to allow KuCoin users to view real-time prices and K-line data of all trading pairs of KuCoin on Trading View. - SHARE ARTICLE

In the past few years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market get a lot of attention from the investors. Many professional and beginner traders start adding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in their portfolio to diversify investments. The cryptocurrency marke - SHARE ARTICLE

Freeware web browser Opera has announced major updates for its built-in crypto wallet across android devices. - SHARE ARTICLE

EOSIO developer has recruited the team behind EOS New York, a one-time #1 Block Producer on the EOS network. - SHARE ARTICLE

A strange interaction took place on Twitter: Binance's CEO seems to be replying to congratulatory replies which are identical. - SHARE ARTICLE

The EOS price line fell towards the $2.120 mark over the course of the price chart for the 29th of March, after trading above the $2.180 level. The cryptocurrency traded […] - SHARE ARTICLE

One of the most cautious crypto analysts around says he now believes the leading cryptocurrency will not drop below $2,800. - SHARE ARTICLE

Nomura contributes to NRI's digital asset bond and digital bond offeringFinanceFeeds - SHARE ARTICLE

eToro Review 2020:What's Available for Traders in the United States? eToro has been in business since 2007, offering an effortless trading experience across a wide range of markets. Despite its long history in the space, eToro only entered the US market i - SHARE ARTICLE

Governments around the world would be advised to consider mobilizing the global crypto and digital assets sector now to deliver solutions to get money to people faster during this on-going crisis. - SHARE ARTICLE