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US President Donald Trump Says He’s ‘Not a Fan’ of Bitcoin
1w ago

US President Donald Trump tweeted about bitcoin and Facebook's Libra on Thursday. He's not a fan.

Industry Headlines:

Lawmakers at last week’s hearings took pains to distinguish Facebook’s Libra from the broader crypto space, showing a new maturity in their approach.

Ripple price failed to hold the key $0.3250 support level and recently declined against the US dollar. The price even broke the $0.3200 support level to move into a short term bearish zone. Yesterday’s highlighted major bullish trend line was breached with support at $0.3260 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source - The post appeared first on newsbtc

TOKENPOST - Forise International Limited is a Singapore-based investment holding firm that recently announced its expansion into blockchain consultancy with its subsidiary.

MarTech Series - Why does brand consistency matter? The most successful multi-located brands know that brand consistency means everything.

Bitcoin Australia - CryptoTrader.Tax, a cryptocurrency tax software tool, is now available in Australia to help traders calculate and file their taxes accurately.

ETH price failed to continue higher above the $230 and $240 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The price started a fresh decrease and broke the key $220 and $218 support levels. Yesterday’s highlighted breakout pattern was breached with support near $222 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair is - The post appeared first on newsbtc

» - ICONLOOP, one of the largest blockchain enterprises in South Korea, has announced the launch of ‘DPASS’, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity authentication service. ‘DPASS’ is the acronym of Decentralized Passport, a mobile application supporting blockchain-based identity authentication and cryptocurrency wallets regardless of borders. DPASS is a self-sovereign identity authentication service, utilizing the DID (Decentralized Identifiers) protocol […] - »

FXStreet - The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, is reportedly planning to launch a new blockchain-based startup in Malta. Efforce, the new project will be foc.

newsBTC - Crypto exchange Coinbase has amassed a massive user base of 30 million users as Bitcoin found its bottom and began to rise once again.

Law360 - Two days of grueling Capitol Hill hearings on Facebook's digital currency Libra left observers certain the existing regulatory framework for financial services ...

Tron founder Justin Sun must postpone the Warren Buffet charity lunch due to medical reasons - A panel of lawmakers in India is recommending a ban on all "cryptocurrencies created by non-sovereigns," with punishment of heavy fines and possible jail time.

FXStreet - The market faced bearish correction this Monday as the top three coins saw losses. Let's take a closer look at how the top three did and then reveal t.

Motley Fool - It's been quite a lively Monday on the after-hours trading scene. That's largely because there is a healthy amount of stock-moving news making headlines.

Lawyers for Bitfinex and Tether argue that the Attorney General has not provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate company dealings with New York customers

The Yale Politic - Taurai Chinyamakobvu is the co-founder and chairman of Golix, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Zimbabwe and the country's first Bitcoin company.

Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have been incurring increased volatility over the past several days, which first began when BTC sharply moved towards $11,000 before swiftly being rejected and plummeting lower. Now, it appears that Bitcoin is likely to drop back towards the $9,000 region, and analysts are noting that the CME Futures gap - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The Ontario Securities Commission has settled with CoinLaunch, a company that it claims violated local security laws

JD Supra - After a long wait, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has permitted a startup company to raise funds from the general public through a ...

Modern Consensus - One of the world's largest law firms has announced its belief in the importance of the blockchain and cryptocurrency business by hiring attorney Joshua Ashley ...

Tron founder Justin Sun's hotly-anticipated lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been postponed.

Tron founder Justin Sun's hotly-anticipated lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been postponed.

President Trump is continuing to pressure the Federal Reserve for dragging its feet on interest rate cuts. For some, such aggressive economic policy is yet another inadvertent advertisement for Bitcoin for the US president. Donald Trump recently declared himself as being generally opposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, for some analysts, the president is doing - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Crowdfund Insider - InWara, a firm specializing in the analysis of cryptocurrency/token offerings and "blockchain" startups has issued its "Half-Yearly report — H1 2019:

» - Pillar, an open-source mobile cryptocurrency wallet, has announced that crypto exchange ShapeShift is now integrated within the app. The addition of ShapeShift further enables secure swap of dozens of tokens, all without needing to leave the wallet. The ShapeShift exchange functionality is part of Pillar’s new Offers Engine, which operates as a decentralized in-app exchange […] - »

Cointelegraph - Blockchain cybersecurity company CertiK has launched its native CertiK Chain blockchain. The CertiK Foundation announced its new release in an official blog ...

Supposed New York residents and companies that used Bitfinex's trading platform were actually "foreign entities," according to a new filing by the exchange's attorneys.

Supposed New York residents and companies that used Bitfinex's trading platform were actually "foreign entities," according to a new filing by the exchange's attorneys.

CCN Markets - Bitcoin is in the midst of a tremendous run that saw the crypto rise from $3,693.85 in January 2019 to as high as $13,880 in June. That's an increase of over 275 ...

Despite facing multiple long delays, the highly anticipated Bakkt Bitcoin futures platform has finally began testing, and many analysts are now noting that the release of this platform could greatly enhance BTC and the overall crypto markets. Importantly, one analyst group is now noting that the official launch of this platform could be a “huge - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The Ugandan government will use MediConnect’s blockchain platform to prevent fake drug distribution

The Maritime Executive - Blockchain-based logistics ShipChain and GTX Corp (GTXO), a global tech leader offering a suite of G...

Morning Consult - With Facebook Inc.'s proposed digital currency Libra, lawmakers and regulators are facing their first big test in creating a regulatory framework for ...

Cointelegraph - QuickBit crypto exchange announced that some sensitive user data had been exposed due to a data management issue. - A panel of lawmakers in India is recommending a ban on all "cryptocurrencies created by non-sovereigns," with punishment of heavy fines and possible jail time.

newsBTC - According to a survey produced by financial services firm BankRate, Bitcoin and crypto do not represent a popular choice of investment vehicle for a decade or ...

Bangkok Post - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is conducting a public hearing to expand the scope of businesses under the digital asset royal decree.

ETHNews - Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture has officially recognized the cryptocurrency mining industry, meaning the country will now have ...

EnCirca says it is accepting Ethereum domain name applications until August 10, with a purported aim of protecting blockchain-related brand names

FXStreet - Bitcoin price is nursing losses on Monday of some 1% in the second half of the session. BTC/USD ran into a chunky supply region, $10500- 11000 price.

ADT Magazine - Blockchain network and tools maker ArcBlock has announced the general availability of the Forge Framework and SDK, its next-gen blockchain applicati The post appeared first on adtmag..

Washington Times - There is perhaps no more restricting activity by government than the control over defining and issuing of the money.

Circle has launched a new subsidiary in Bermuda to serve non-American Poloniex customers, stressing U.S. regulatory limitations

The wallet has implications for ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles, and on-the-go payments, according to the company.

Finance Magnates - Circle is looking to make a big leap outside the highly regulated realm of US crypto industry with the launch and licensing of a new subsidiary in Bermuda.

Which altcoins are vulnerable to a deeper correction? Let’s look at the charts

Business Standard - The central government was initially in favour of “regulating” cryptocurrencies instead of imposing a blanket ban on them before it had a change of heart due to ...

PrecisionAg - If you believe the latest hype about technology, you'd think that blockchain technology (BCT) is going to transform every business by next Wednesday. Of course ...

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, better known as SWIFT has successfully completed a cross-border payment from Australia to Singapore, in only 13 seconds in a new trial the international payments prcoessing giant is experimenting with, reaching speeds closer and closer to what Ripple – the crypto asset aiming to distrust SWIFT and the - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Crowdfund Insider - Blockstack has kicked off the first qualified Reg A+ token offering. Blockstack has reportedly worked closely with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It’s been a long road for Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt. The platform—developed by NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE)—has faced a myriad of launch delays due to regulatory approval. It’s still waiting now, but in the meantime, it has begun testing its Bitcoin futures contracts today. - Here’s what we know. Bakkt is Testing Bitcoin Futures Contracts - The company announced in May that it would begin testing its contracts in July. It later settled on the date of July 22, which is today.The company has not disclosed what is involved in the testing process ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

Bakkt has begun testing its physically delivered Bitcoin futures, as experts predict a full launch this quarter

The Asian Age - Chennai: An inter-ministerial committee has recommended banning of cryptocurrencies and imposing fines and penalties for carrying on any activities ...

The crypto markets roared back to life at the beginning of 2019 after having a poor year previously, but many concerns remain despite the impressive show in the first half of the year so far. In an interview, the Managing Director of the advisory firm PFYN Advisory, Patrick Franz, spoke broadly about the range of changes that could eventually propel the crypto space even further in the years to come. - PFYN wishes to eventually harness a crypto markets ecosystem in which traders from all over the world can buy and sell cryptocurrencies around the clock without ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

Iran is officially recognizing bitcoin mining as an industry it will regulate and for which it will set electricity rates.

» - StellarX, the trading platform built on the Stellar universal marketplace, today updated on the launch of its new native mobile apps, which were designed and developed by the team behind BlockEQ (acquired by Coinsquare), the first Stellar mobile wallet application. “This is another step toward making StellarX accessible to everyone and increasing adoption and usage. […] - »

Cointelegraph - San Marino has signed an MoU with blockchain application platform VeChain to deploy blockchain tech to incentivize environmentally friendly behavior.

The Hans India - An inter-ministerial committee has suggested banning of private cryptocurrencies and recommended fines and penalty for carrying out any activities related to ...

Ripple (XRP) has turned bullish as the number of banks leveraging its decentralized network for cross border payments continues to rise. Reports that Bank of America has filed a patent for a settlement system citing Ripple ledger is one of the catalysts fuelling XRP price action right now. Ripple Price Catalysts - The patent describes a system that utilizes a distributed ledger technology to facilitate interbank communication. With the proposed system, BAC seeks to enable real-time settlements through a decentralized ledger. - The filing of the patent is of great importance as it comes at a ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

The parent company of Robinhood Crypto has raised $323 million in its most recent funding round, raising the firm to a $7.6 billion valuation

Bitcoin has retaken the $10,000 psychological level after coming under bearish pressure in recent weeks. The spike comes hot on the heels of growing optimism that Facebook’s Libra will make its much-awaited entry into the sector, in the first half of next year. The unveiling of Libra is of great importance as it is poised to fuel mainstream media coverage of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Price Catalysts - The fact that the likes of Visa (NYSE:V), Mastercard (NYSE:MA), PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), and Uber (NYSE:UBER) have already invested in becoming members of the Libra Association all but raises the prospects of ... - - - - Get latest on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. - All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our and .

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are steady Over $1 billion lost to hackers Hacking is forcing thoroughness in cryptocurrency exchanges. Determined hackers have seen exchanges lose over $1 billion with Bitpoint the latest victim. At the time of writing, BTC is stable, but bears have the upper hand. Bitcoin Price Analysis Fundamentals There is always a risk - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The National Law Review - A Florida state appellate court opinion in State v. Espinoza added to the growing regulatory mosaic affecting bitcoin and other virtual & cryptocurrencies are used ...

Cointelegraph - Game developer 0xGames' newest racing manager 0xRacers is getting ready to unveil more in-game updates after the first weeks of its presale crossed the ...

» - CertiK, a platform for blockchain and smart contract auditing, today introduced the CertiK blockchain. The CertiK Chain is built to enhance the security of smart contracts, leveraging the CertiK Foundation’s unique Formal Verification platform at its core. By focusing on security first, the CertiK Chain aims to provide developers with the security and flexibility to […] - »

Government Technology - The Internet is unique in that it has no central control, administration or authority. It has given everyone with access to it a platform to express their views and ...

Forbes – The Bermuda government has provided the company with a “Class F” license under theirDigital Assets Business Act of 2018(DABA), making Circle the first major cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service ever to receive such a permit.

Forbes – The Bermuda government has provided the company with a “Class F” license under theirDigital Assets Business Act of 2018(DABA), making Circle the first major cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service ever to receive such a permit.

newsBTC - The beginning of the Bitcoin revolution also gave birth to the concept of cryptocurrency exchanges, which offered a way for people to convert their fiat to bitcoin ...

CryptoGlobe –TokenAnalyst has been publishing its estimations for the 24-hour on-chain BTC flows for five major exchanges – Binance, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex and BitMEX.

AMBCrypto –Following a data released by the Korean government, Korean news agency,Yonhapreported that crimes associated with cryptocurrencies have caused a financial loss of about 2.7 trillion won which is nearly $2.3 billion in the last two years.

Monero (XMR) steady in the last 24 hours Nick Szabo is advocating Monero Privacy is the future, and Monero is well-positioned. Despite their reliance on developers, Monero as a network is resilient, rebuffing miner centralization attempts. Thus far, like most coins, XMR is vulnerable. Even so, it is trading within a bullish breakout pattern against - The post appeared first on newsbtc

» - Digital money firm Circle, announced today it has expanded its global offering with the launch and regulatory licensing of a new subsidiary in Bermuda. The company plans to serve non-US Poloniex customers with their new Bermuda operations, and expects to offer many new digital asset services from Bermuda over time. Bermuda’s Digital Assets Business Act […] - »

A survey from instant messaging application Viber showed half of Americans and Brits would not trust Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

CNBC - Free stock-trading start-up Robinhood is now valued at $7.6 billion after closing its most recent late-stage funding round.

CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly - Organo picks IBM Food Trust, Bumble Bee joins SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain.

» - Liquefy, a Hong Kong-based blockchain agnostic issuance platform for security tokens, today has announced a $2.6 million funding round led by Ideanomics and NEO Global Development, alongside with other investors including Kenetic and East Chain. The investors this round will join seed investor Soul Capital, a Hong Kong-based family office. “We are thrilled to attract […] - »

CCN Markets - As the U.S. government sets its sights on rigorous crypto enforcment, just how bad badly will it hurt the budding bitcoin industry?

» - Quant Network, creator of the Overledger platform that facilitates the development of decentralized, multi-chain applications, today announced that they have been working with Binance and will be connecting Binance Chain to their Overledger operating system, helping to facilitate enterprise interoperability. The Quant Network team has already connected a number of enterprise blockchains such as Corda, […] - »

Dash News - Posted by Iyke Aru | Jul 22, 2019 | News |. Ryan Taylor: DAPI to Solve Key Business Adoption Barrier for Cryptocurrency. The CEO of Dash Core Group (DCG), ...

”The U.S. government is not the only game in town.” Can Arthur Hayes of BitMEX survive the reported CFTC’s investigation?

Forbes - A growing number of mainstream giants are looking into blockchain technology. With that, comes an expanding need for supporting tools and structures.

Bernews - [Updated] Premier David Burt is holding a press conference this afternoon [July 22], and we will have additional coverage later on, and in the meantime the live ...

CoinDesk - Robinhood, a trading platform for stocks and digital assets, announced a $323 million Series E according to a Reuters' report. DST Global, a prominent investor ...

Ripple (XRP) adds 4.3 percent The Mexican exchange, Bitso, has a license from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) Bitso is the first exchange from Latin America to comply with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) regulations. While at it, the citation of Ripple in a patent by Bank of America is bullish for XRP. At - The post appeared first on newsbtc

Slater Sentinel - Crypto Sports (CURRENCY:CSPN) traded 54.6% higher against the US dollar during the one day period ending at 12:00 PM Eastern on July 22nd. One Crypto ...

» - CoinFalcon, a UK based exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency, has unveiled version 2.0 with a variety of new features and upgrades. The CoinFalcon platform has been entirely redesigned with speed in mind. The exchange now features a faster interface, quicker buying options, and mobile app support. See below a summary of features for the […] - »

Cointelegraph - The Iranian government's Economic Commission has approved a mechanism of cryptocurrency mining in the country, according to an announcement by the Iran ...

FXStreet - Fidelity are said to be seeking a license for intending operations for its digital assets services in New York state. The firm according to reports h.

San Francisco Business Times - San Francisco-based Ripple Labs is a newcomer to the San Francisco Business Times' annual list of the Bay Area's 100 largest corporate philanthropists.

» - The team behind blockchain-powered AXEL.Network, today announced it will hold an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with Probit as the latest development in its comprehensive AXEL ecosystem. The IEO, which goes live on August 12th, 2019, will provide users to opportunity to purchase AXEL tokens on Probit’s Exchange, while expanding the network globally. “This partnership between […] - »

AlleyWatch - Altonomy is the OTC trading & execution services providing liquid trading options for digital assets. CEO and Cofounder Ricky Li discusses facilitating ...

Crypto Briefing - Cryptocurrency gets a bad rap, and the media loves to associate virtual currencies with criminal activity. But an immutable ledger is actually more useful as a tool ... - Restless Books, an independent nonprofit publisher of international literature based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, seeks an eighty-percent-time Production Manager to ...

CoinDesk - Due to mounting regulatory pressures in the United States, the crypto company Circle is moving the majority of its exchange operations offshore.

CoinDesk - Due to mounting regulatory pressures in the United States, the crypto company Circle is moving the majority of its exchange operations offshore.

Germany’s central bank said that potential benefits of Facebook’s Libra should be made possible despite associated risks and regulatory uncertainty

Supply Chain Management Review - When the 7th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit convenes next month at the USC Marshall School of Business, Blockchain will be addressed ...

HousingWire - The servicing industry is in dire need of a technology update, and one expert explained blockchain could be the key the industry is missing. “Blockchain is a ...

» - Binance Launchpad, the token launch platform for blockchain projects from popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, today has announced support for its seventh project of the year and the first in the gaming industry, WINk. WINk is a trustless, permissionless and high-performance gaming platform based on the TRON blockchain. The WINk token sale will follow a lottery […] - »

BloombergQuint - The government panel constituted to regulate virtual currencies has suggested a ban on private cryptocurrencies and introducing an official 'Digital Rupee' in ...

ETHNews - The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has extended the deadline for member companies to report any crypto activity or planned crypto activity to July ...

FierceHealthcare - Healthcare's revenue cycle management process needs to be updated and improved for the benefit of all stakeholders. Combining AI and blockchain on a ...

Cointelegraph - A blockchain mobile gaming platform says it allows players to get the “true ownership” of their digital assets and enables “secure trading” with other users.

CoinGeek - The Indian Minister of Finance wanted to make clear that cryptos haven't been banned yet, and that there are really no laws for them.

Finance Magnates - An Indian government panel tasked to look into cryptocurrency policy is in favor of a sweeping ban on cryptocurrency dealings, and issuing a Digital Rupee.

Economic TimesLivemintCointelegraphInc42 MediaBusiness Standard

Firstpost - The panel was set up in 2017 by Arun Jaitley following reports of money laundering via the currencies.

Becker's Hospital Review - Blockchain developers are now exploring how the technology could be used to improve telemedicine, according to TokenPost.

Business Standard - A panel tasked with examining virtual currencies has recommended that the government should ban private cryptocurrencies and could consider launching its ...

» - Zilliqa, the next-generation sharding blockchain platform with its new smart contract capabilities now live, has announced the fourth wave of Zilliqa ecosystem grant awardees. “Designed with scalability and security in mind, Zilliqa is the first decentralized smart contract platform that meets the requirements of enterprise use-cases. As such, we have recently seen the likes of […] - »

Bakkt is scheduled to begin testing its bitcoin futures contracts Monday, more than six months after its originally planned launch date.

Forbes - Blockhain and video games have a lot in common, but bringing them together creates a lot of problems. A new developer named Horizon is giving it a shot.

CCN Markets - “Bitcoin Billionaires” author Ben Mezrich has joined the hit Showtime TV series “Billions” as a consulting producer. The move will ensure that more crypto story ...

Cointelegraph - Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh reiterated that his government is considering using cryptocurrency as an alternative to the Israeli shekel fiat ...

Global Government Forum - The Turkish government plans to launch a central bank “blockchain based” digital currency within the next four years. The idea was included in The Eleventh ...

» - BlockApps, the creator of blockchain-powered business network solutions, has announced the release of STRATO version 4.5. The new release comes with changes that improve network performance, along with significantly enhanced key management capabilities. The platform further comes with improved support for privacy, security and governance features, see an overview of the upgrades below: STRATO Upgrades […] - »

Cointelegraph - For the fourth time in a row, CGC successfully claims the title of the largest conference dedicated to blockchain, digital assets, VR and AR in gaming.

Lexology - On April 2, 2019, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing related to ESG disclosure and whether the Security and…

» - Bitso, a Mexican based and Latin American bitcoin exchange, has announced that coming up on August 1, 2019, the custody, as well as the sending, withdrawal, and trading of cryptocurrencies, will be regulated by the Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). The GFSC back in 2018 formed a legal […] - »

Tron Weekly Journal - In the latest report, published on July 18, 2019, FINRA extends the deadline for entities that were asked to report all crypto-related activities to FINRA. The earlier ...

CoinGeek - A new *service* from Jolon guarantees BSV developers will have the freedom to write applications to the blockchain and monetize their work.

Free Malaysia Today - The panel drew up a report and draft legislation, which will be examined by the government and regulators before they make a final decision.

Inside Bitcoins - The CEO believes that Dash is in a position where they are able to solve these issues and that they can save their customers a lot of money.

Inside Bitcoins - If Bakkt makes good on their promise, Bitcoin trading will receive a much needed boost as more institutional investors can participate in its trade.

Cryptonews - The Indian government will weigh the recommendations to ban cryptocurrencies in the country and introduce imprisonment up to ten years for dealing with ...

» - RIDDLE&CODE, a European provider of blockchain interface solutions, today provided details and context of its DLT hardware wallet that is powering a Daimler Financial Services-led consortium to provide an open car wallet solution. Car wallets enable a wide variety of use cases from car-sharing to autonomous vehicles. The real-time exchange of secure traffic data between […] - »

If the 2017/2018 cryptocurrency boom was altcoin season, then 2019 undoubtedly belongs to Bitcoin (BTC). The world’s biggest crypto is currently enjoying its highest level of market dominance in over two years. On the other hand, Ethereum has been progressively losing market share over 2019. The numbers demonstrate that BTC is still the most trusted - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The Australian Financial Review - It is no surprise that an unregulated market has become the playground of con artists, criminals, and snake-oil salesmen, writes Nouriel Roubini.

» - Lamassu, the creator of bitcoin and cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) has announced the release of Crafty Chnemu v7.3, the latest software version available now for all of their machines. Crafty Chnemu v7.3debuts a fresh new look to the classic BTM interface, while adding highly requested features and numerous stability improvements. This release represents approximately […] - »

CryptoNewsZ - There have been unending discussions on the adoption of digital currencies and how they can bring about changes and benefits to the larger global community.

CoinGeek - Iran has not issued any licenses for crypto mining in the country, a report has revealed. The report by Mehr News Agency said that despite recent reports ...

CoinDesk - Uganda's president is getting behind a project using blockchain tech to fight the problem of counterfeit medicines. In an announcement on Monday, ...

Ledger Insights - The Blockchain Factory of Daimler Financial Services (DFS) has produced the Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) in conjunction with four startups.

Crypto Briefing - Crypto markets may look a little flat after last week. But that's not the case for the logistics and supply-chain network, VeChain Thor (VET), whose token price has ...

AiThority - Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative's member-led Vehicle Working Group and launched the industry's first VID standard blockchain technology.

CointelegraphThe Next WebInc42 MediaEconomic TimesLivemint

economia - The Big Four firm has joined forces with the companies to harness blockchain and develop a “real-time settlement network” for the telecoms industry.

Inside Bitcoins - Major crypto companies will take their business to other countries where regulations are kinder and the growth of the industry is encouraged.

CryptoNewsZ - The Atlanta based crypto trading platform Bakkt will start user testing of its much-awaited Bitcoin futures trading platform 'Moonshot' on Monday. The project is ...

Tehran Times - TEHRAN - Iranian government's economic committee on Sunday approved a mechanism for mining cryptocurrencies as Iran rushes to bring its growing mining ... - This month, Overstock CEO Patrick M. Byrne issued a letter to investors in which he details the firm's current status and future blockchain asperations.

The inter-ministerial committee set up by former Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley recommends a ban on bitcoin. According to a report published today, the Subhash Garg committee believes that cryptocurrencies cannot serve the purpose of currency. Calling them “private cryptocurrencies” over their non-sovereign nature, the committee wrote that they are inconsistent with the essential functions - The post appeared first on newsbtc

The AFOX platform will allow for the tokenization of media contracts and the selling of advertisements in the futures and options markets.

Business Insider - Business Insider - According to Darktrace, AI may be the answer to safeguarding blockchain resources and pinpointing crypto-jacking problems before they ...

Inc42 MediaEconomic TimesLivemintCointelegraphBusiness Standard

Cryptonews - Major crypto companies are building their long term growth strategy and looking for ways to diversify their businesses. Crypto exchange Binance said earlier this ...

Zee News - New Delhi: An Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) has recommended banning of cryptocurrencies in India and imposing fines and penalties for carrying any ...

Damian Collins, a senior official at the British Parliament, said that Libra will be open to massive fraud

Al-Monitor - Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh believes the Palestinian economy's future lies in encrypted digital currency, though there are plenty of pitfalls.

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